Soils at AGU 2021

Soil Health Workshops

In April-June 2020 ISCN hosted a series of three workshops on current challenges in soil health research. The workshops focused on questions relating to soil health baselines across space and time: what defines a healthy soil in its environmental context? What modelling approaches exist for predicting soil health in space and time—and what new modelling […]

Our recent paper with our network partners

Curious about the landscape of soil carbon databases? Read our review here.

Welcome to the new ISCN website!

Welcome to the new ISCN website!

ISCN at EGU 2019

The role of soil research, databases, and soil indices in the drawdown of CO2

Root trait and soil carbon workshop

Thirteen scientists got together at Oak Ridge National Lab’s Climate Change Science Institute to discuss the role of root carbon in long-term soil carbon pools. The goal of this workshop was to develop a conceptual framework to harmonize soil carbon and root trait data. This workshop, titled ‘Linking Belowground Traits and Soil Carbon Storage on a Global Scale’, was held on Jul 31 and Aug 1, 2018 in Oak Ridge, TN, USA.


I was inspired to combine my personal vacation to Chile with a trip that Julie Loisel had planned for peat sampling, so we met up in Patagonia near Puerto Natales in May 2018. Have a look at my interview with Julie:

SOC-DRaHR: new code repository

Led by ISCN data co-ordinator Kathe Todd-Brown, the purpose of the Soil Organic Carbon Data Rescue and Harmonization Repository (SOC-DRaHR) is to collect harmonization scripts for data sets related to soil carbon.