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Soil Health Workshops

In April-June 2020 ISCN hosted a series of three workshops on current challenges in soil health research. The workshops focused on questions relating to soil health baselines across space and time: what defines a healthy soil in its environmental context? What modelling approaches exist for predicting soil health in space and time—and what new modelling […]

Root trait and soil carbon workshop

Thirteen scientists got together at Oak Ridge National Lab’s Climate Change Science Institute to discuss the role of root carbon in long-term soil carbon pools. The goal of this workshop was to develop a conceptual framework to harmonize soil carbon and root trait data. This workshop, titled ‘Linking Belowground Traits and Soil Carbon Storage on a Global Scale’, was held on Jul 31 and Aug 1, 2018 in Oak Ridge, TN, USA.


I was inspired to combine my personal vacation to Chile with a trip that Julie Loisel had planned for peat sampling, so we met up in Patagonia near Puerto Natales in May 2018. Have a look at my interview with Julie: https://youtu.be/il1KCMFXX5Y

SOC-DRaHR: new code repository

Led by ISCN data co-ordinator Kathe Todd-Brown, the purpose of the Soil Organic Carbon Data Rescue and Harmonization Repository (SOC-DRaHR) is to collect harmonization scripts for data sets related to soil carbon.