Root trait and soil carbon workshop

Thirteen scientists got together at Oak Ridge National Lab’s Climate Change Science Institute to discuss the role of root carbon in long-term soil carbon pools. The goal of this workshop was to develop a conceptual framework to harmonize soil carbon and root trait data. This workshop, titled ‘Linking Belowground Traits and Soil Carbon Storage on a Global Scale’, was held on Jul 31 and Aug 1, 2018 in Oak Ridge, TN, USA.

Workshop attendees were Rose Abramoff, Paul Hanson, Jennifer Harden, Caitlin Hicks-Pries, Colleen Iversen, Robert Jackson, Avni Malhotra, Richard Norby, Debjani Sihi, Benjamin Sulman, Peter Thornton, Shershingh Tumber-Davila, and Anthony Walker with remote feedback from Gustaf Hugelius, Melanie Mayes, Luke McCormack, Verity Salmon, Zoey Werbin and Stan Wullschleger. The Climate Change Science Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory provided funding through an early-career grant to Avni Malhotra.

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