Written by Jen Harden

I was inspired to combine my personal vacation to Chile with a trip that Julie Loisel had planned for peat sampling, so we met up in Patagonia near Puerto Natales in May 2018. Have a look at my interview with Julie:

This little bog was cored by Julie’s students Michael Bunsen, Eric Nutt, Julia Hillin and postdoctoral researcher at University Magellanes in Punta Arenas  Claudia Mansilla:

I asked Julie where this was headed in terms of data and our common visions for ISCN.

“Well after our ISCN data hackathon for C-Peat, we’re getting savvy enough to organize our data from the START in a way that’s really compatible with R, SOC-DRaHR, and with contributions into ISCN database versions. The point is to craft common data structures so we don’t have to go back and re-configure the raw information when we’re ready for comparisons and larger syntheses”

 Ya. Kind of like a snowball. Roll it over the new so it sticks to the old and gets bigger.