DeepSoil 2100


DeepSoil 2100 is a network for whole-ecosystem warming experiments. The aim of DeepSoil 2100 is to bring together researchers working on long-term experiments, whole soil or ecosystem manipulations (warming depth ideally greater than 30 cm, with or without other manipulations such as water and carbon dioxide concentrations), and studying responses of plants, soil biogeochemistry, ecology, etc.

There are less than a dozen whole-ecosystem warming experiments but not all researchers know about each other. We have regular online meetings to bring together experimentalists, modelers and data users into this “whole-ecosystem warming network”, to share practical experience on field experiments, data reporting, discuss observations and results and explore synergies regarding tools, knowledge, and data sharing and interpretation.


The network has had various initial online meetings in 2021 and 2022. You can view our meeting recordings here. In 2023, we had an informal meeting at the European Geophysical Union conference. We also held a small workshop in person and hybrid in Paris, France with the goal of identifying priorities for the network (meeting report in prep).

Getting involved

DeepSoil 2100 is largely a coalition of the willing, and all are welcome to get in touch and get involved. Our current partners include a range of active and decommissioned soil warming experiments, scientists affiliated with these experiments, as well as data synthesis and modeling focused scientists. We communicate mainly through gatherings at conferences and through our listserv. Email michael (dot) schmidt (at) if you would like to be added to the listserv.

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