1. Download the ISCN database on this EDI page.

2. Explore the data on this (beta version) RShiny ap created by Zoey Werbin.

3. You can also find relevant R scripts from the SOC-DRaHR repository

Archived older methods of accessing ISCN data:

Download pre-packaged data files in Excel format

Access customized datasets with an interactive map (requires decent networking). A static version of the data  availability is shown below. ISCN members (after logging in) use this URL to select a region and then be prompted for which type/properties of the data to download. Once this is specified, the system generates an excel workbook (xlsx) file that can be saved on the user’s machine. Note: this can take up to 10 minutes to generate large datasets.

Documentation for using and interpreting the data is available on the Dataset Information page. Don’t hesitate to contact ISCN Support if you need assistance.

Your adherence to the citation and acknowledgement protocols outlined in the data policy is vital to the success of this effort. Please follow the Golden Rule for citing the data that ISCN members have shared here: cite others and they will cite you!