How can we quantify and reduce agricultural N2O emissions at scale?

In our fifth webinar of 2022, “Managing N2O,” we will depart from carbon to look at nitrous oxide, the primary greenhouse gas emitted from agricultural soils. Dr. Allison Eagle (Environmental Defense Fund) will discuss N2O emissions accounting at large spatial scales, and Dr. Mike Castellano (Iowa State University) will discuss the potential for reducing N2O emissions through improved water management in the U.S. corn belt.

Time: July 12th 2022, 3:00 PM Eastern.

Alison Eagle works as a Senior Scientist for Environmental Defense Fund on the Climate-Smart Agriculture team. She conducts research and provides scientific support on issues related to field-crop nutrient management, soil carbon and agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation. Dr. Eagle’s science synthesis and meta-analysis work has translated agronomic, soil science and economic data to help decision makers access sound science. Recent publications address data standardization and metrics for quantification of environmental outcomes from agricultural management interventions. She holds a PhD from Wageningen University, a MS from UC Davis and a BSc from the University of Alberta.

Mike Castellano’s research, teaching and outreach aim to maximize the productivity, profitability, and environmental performance of cropping systems. He uses a systems approach and strong collaborations with plant biologists and engineers to track the storage and flow of nutrients, energy, and water throughout the crop-soil system. Mike earned a PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and is Professor of Agronomy and William T. Frankenberger Professor of Soil Science at Iowa State University.