Long-term Soil Experiments

Since about 2004, we have been inventorying and networking long-term soil experiments (LTSEs) world-wide. This global inventory has grown to over 250 studies and we have recently completed a system in which the LTSEs depending on their duration and sample archives are classified into several tiers.  We seek individual scientists, science administrators, land managers, students, institutions & the general public to help build this scientific project, for from these relatively few field studies are derived our best understanding of soil sustainability. To quote scientist Ishaku Amapu of Nigeria, “we need make the world’s long-term soil experiments work harder.”

Dan RichterMike HofmockelMac Callaham, David Powlson, & Pete Smith
Duke Univ, USDA Forest Service, Rothamsted Research, & Univ Aberdeen


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A long-term wheat-corn experiment in Beltsville MD, in which organic and no-till treatments have been under comparison for a decade.  Researcher John Teasdale is shown examining weed responses.