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    Jonathan Sanderman


    Dear Colleague,

    We want your soil. We have recently initiated a USDA funded project titled, Soil carbon cycle science in the big data era. A major goal of this project will be building better capacity to use mid infrared spectroscopy to predict carbon cycle relevant soil properties. Importantly, we will strive to make these resources fully and freely available to the soil science community.

    We will be utilizing a lot of existing lab data and spectra from several national collections but would also like to reach out to individual investigators. We are particularly interested in sample sets with measurements of various carbon fractions (physical, chemical and biological based procedures), extractable phases of metals and other more difficult to measure properties (e.g., specific surface area, clay minerology, microbial biomass, etc.) that are of interest to soil carbon scientists.

    What is in it for you? In exchange for contributing your valuable data and a gram of each sample, we will provide mid infrared spectra for all of your samples. Additionally, if these samples are part of a larger soil collection where you do not have the resources or time analyze all of the samples, we can scan these additional samples and develop predictions for the particular measurements of interest. We can cover the cost of vials and shipping.

    If you have data and mid infrared spectra and are excited about open source science, please consider contributing both to our database. If these data are already available, please point me in the direction of the repository.

    Please email for more information on the project, data sharing/privacy policies or if you think you have some samples and data you might want to contribute.

    Jonathan Sanderman

    t: (508) 444-1505

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