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Seasonal dynamics and exports of elements from a first-order stream to a large inland lake in Michigan
Hofmeister KL, Nave LE, Drevnick PE, Veverica TJ, Knudstrup RV, Heckman KA, Riha SJ, Schneider RL, Walter MT

Journal: Hydrological Processes, Volume : 0-0 (2019). DOI: 10.1002/hyp.13416

Carbon-mercury interactions in Spodosols assessed through density fractionation, radiocarbon analysis, and soil survey information
Nave L.E., Covarrubias Ornelas A., Drevnick P.E., Gallo A., Hatten J.A., Heckman K.A., Matosziuk L., Sanclements M., Strahm B.D., Veverica T.J., Weiglein T.L., Swanston C.W.

Journal: Soil Science Society of America Journal, Volume 83: 190-202 (2019). DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2018.06.0227

The role of reforestation in carbon sequestration
Nave L.E., Walters B.F., Hofmeister K.L., Perry C.H., Mishra U., Domke G.M., Swanston C.W.
In the United States (U.S.), the maintenance of forest cover is a legal mandate for federally managed forest lands. More broadly, reforestation following harvesting, recent or historic disturbances can enhance numerous carbon (C)-based ecosystem services and functions. These include production of woody biomass for forest…
Journal: New Forests, Volume : 0-0 (2018). DOI:

Soil hydrology, physical and chemical properties and the distribution of carbon and mercury in a postglacial lake-plain wetland
Nave L.E., Drevnick P.E., Heckman K.A., Hofmeister K.L., Veverica T.J., Swanston, C.W.

Journal: Geoderma, Volume 305: 40-52 (2017). DOI:

Radiocarbon suggests the hemiparasitic annual Melampyrum lineare Desr. may acquire carbon from stressed hosts
Nave L.E., Heckman K.A., Muñoz A.B., Swanston C.W.

Journal: Radiocarbon, Volume : 0-0 (2017). DOI:

Reforestation can sequester two petagrams of carbon in U.S. topsoils in a century.
Nave L.E., Domke G.M., Hofmeister K.L., Mishra U., Perry C.H., Walters B.F., Swanston C.W.

Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, Volume : 0-0 (2018). DOI:

Networking our science to characterize the state, vulnerabilities, and management opportunities of soil organic matter
Harden J.W., Hugelius G., Ahlström A., Blankinship J.C., Bond-Lamberty B., Lawrence C.R., Loisel J., Malhotra A., Jackson R.B., Ogle S., Phillips C., Ryals, R., Todd-Brown K., Vargas R., Vergara S.E., Cotrufo F., Keiluweit M., Heckman K.A., Crow S.E., Silver W.L., DeLonge M., Nave L.E.

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume : 0-0 (2018). DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13896

A New Platform for Managing Soil Carbon and Soil Health
Loisel J, Malhotra A, Phillips C

Journal: Eos, Volume 98: 000-000 (2017). DOI: 10.1029/2017EO080753

An Alaska Soil Carbon Database: Database Collaborator’s Meeting; Fairbanks, Alaska, 4 March 2009
Johnson KD, Harden JW

Journal: EOS, Volume 90: 184-185 (2009). DOI: DOI: 10.1029/2009EO210005

Toward inventory-based estimates of soil organic carbon in forests of the United States
Domke GM, Perry CH, Walters BF, Nave LE, Woodall CW, Swanston CW
Soil organic carbon (SOC) is the largest terrestrial carbon (C) sink on Earth; this pool plays a critical role in ecosystem processes and climate change. Given the cost and time required to measure SOC, and particularly changes in SOC, many signatory nations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change report est…
Journal: Ecological Applications, Volume : 0-0 (In p). DOI:

Empirical estimates to reduce modeling uncertainties of soil organic carbon in permafrost regions: a review of recent progress and remaining challenges
Mishra U., J.D. Jastrow, R. Matamala, G. Hugelius, C.D. Koven, J.W. Harden, C.L. Ping, G.J. Michaelson, Z. Fan, R.M. Miller, A.D. McGuire, C. Tarnocai, P. Kuhry, W.J. Riley, K. Schaefer, E.A.G. Schuur, M.T. Jorgenson, and L.D. Hinzman

Journal: Environmental Research Letters, Volume 8: 0-0 (2013). DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/8/3/035020

Recommendations for belowground carbon data and measurements for the AmeriFlux Network
McFarlane K., Finzi A., Nave L., Tang J.

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Field information links permafrost carbon to physical vulnerabilities of thawing
Jennifer W. Harden, Charles D. Koven, Chien-Lu Ping, Gustaf Hugelius, A. David McGuire, Phillip Camill, Torre Jorgenson, Peter Kuhry, Gary J. Michaelson, Jonathan A. O'Donnell, Edward A. G. Schuur, Charles Tarnocai, Kristopher Johnson and Guido Grosse

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Current status, uncertainty and future needs in soil organic carbon monitoring
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Harmonized soil property values for broad-scale modelling (WISE30sec) with estimates of global soil carbon stocks
Batjes NH

Journal: Geoderma, Volume 269: 61-68 (2016). DOI: