ISCN at EGU 2019

If you are attending, check out the following presentation at the upcoming European Geophysical Union conference: EGU2019-11975 | Orals | SSS5.2  The role of soil research, databases, and soil indices in the drawdown of CO2 Jennifer W Harden, Ben Sulman, Gustaf Hugelius, Julie Loisel, Olga Vinduskova, Avni Malhotra, Katerina Georgiou, Anders Ahlstrom, and Robert B. Jackson Mon,… More

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Thirteen scientists got together at Oak Ridge National Lab’s Climate Change Science Institute to discuss the role of root carbon in long-term soil carbon pools. The goal of this workshop was to develop a conceptual framework to harmonize soil carbon and root trait data. This workshop, titled ‘Linking Belowground Traits and Soil Carbon Storage on a… More

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  Written by Jen Harden I was inspired to combine my personal vacation to Chile with a trip that Julie Loisel had planned for peat sampling, so we met up in Patagonia near Puerto Natales in May 2018. Have a look at my interview with Julie: This little bog was cored by Julie’s students… More

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Led by ISCN data co-ordinator Kathe Todd-Brown, the purpose of the Soil Organic Carbon Data Rescue and Harmonization Repository (SOC-DRaHR) is to collect harmonization scripts for data sets related to soil carbon. Find out more and contribute at:

  ISCN all-hands meeting 2017 ISCN’s second annual all-hands meeting was held on Dec 10, 2017 in New Orleans. Attended by 33 scientists, the morning included a range of presentations (see agenda here). The ISCN leadership presented updates on recent publications, activities, and synergies. Action group members presented updates on soil respiration and AmeriFlux data,… More

  Improving Soils = Improving Climate = Food Security = Resilience Networking our science to characterize the state, vulnerabilities, and management opportunities of soil organic matter Read article in Global Change Biology early view here. Read the press release here.  

Stanford, California, Feb 27 to March 3, 2017.  Fourteen scientists met to discuss and define research and data priorities for soil carbon science and for ISCN. Along with ISCN action group representatives and soil scientists with diverse research backgrounds, we drafted an article highlighting the converging needs of the soil carbon science and soil health communities… More


  ISCN and ISRIC sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) After a vote from our scientific steering group (6 voted yes, 1 voted no), we have signed a MOU with ISRIC. Read the MOU here.

We thank Luke Nave for his hard work and service as ISCN coordinator for the last 7 years and welcome two new co-coordinators! Katherine Todd-Brown (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) will focus on data aggregation and strategic vision, and Avni Malhotra (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) will focus on communications and strategic vision.   Avni is an… More