Member Survey Results

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  • Report prepared by  Avni Malhotra, Univ. Wisconsin and Jen Harden, ISCN SSG Chair

    82 respondents (~20% of membership) as of May 6, 2016



    Q1. Who are we? Mostly research scientists


    Type Number
    Employed 30
    Faculty 20
    Postdoc 11
    Graduate 10
    Senior scientist 5
    Other 4
    Retired 2
    Total 82


    Where are respondents located? Mostly in the USA

    China 1
    Finland 1
    France 1
    Germany 1
    Netherlands 1
    New Zealand 1
    Nicaragua 1
    Sweden 1
    Switzerland 2
    Vermont (USA still maybe) 1
    Ireland 2
    Canada 3
    UK 3
    USA 64


    Q2. In what capacity do you mainly work with soil C related issues?

    C cycle research (82%)

    Q3. What do you see as your primary reason for joining and retaining your ISCN membership?

    Mixed: data accessing (29%)  ; data archiving (31%) ;  being in the know (41%)

    Q4. What types of actions do you think ISCN should invest in supporting?

    Mainly climate/ C cycle feedback research (85% including stabilization processes, spatial characterization, gradients)

    Q5. Can you think of some issues that would benefit from data compilations and data-model syntheses in the next year or two? 

    Theme    Count
    Inventory C stocks 14
    Variability in soil carbon 14
    Models 12
    Management 11
    Abiotic and biotic controls on SOC (across space and time) 10
    Stabilization 6
    Nitrogen 5
    Response to experiments 5
    Fire 4
    Isotopes 3
    C quality 3
    Vulnerability 3
    Data clean and ease of import 2
    Soil fluxes 2
    Peatlands 1
    Permafrost 1
    Rainforest 1

    Q6. Which of the following ISCN services and functions are most important to you?

    Summaries of recent research (80%)

    Q7. How would you rate ISCN services? Good (43), Fair (20%) do not use ISCN services 32% 

    Q8. In which way would you like to receive information from the ISCN?

    Sendlist or Weekly/biweekly summaries (95%)

    Q9. Where should we meet on annual basis?

     Meetings should be scheduled around AGU (43%) and/or rotationally including AGU (40%)

    Q.10 What should ISCN priorities be for the next 5 years?

    More data contributions (10.84%)
    Network meetings (16.87%)
    Improving platform for data sharing (27.71% )
    Informing and using database (22.89%)
    Funding for soil carbon research (21.9%)